"GROW YOUR GARDEN WHERE YOU ARE!" -- A Career Success Seminar

"GROW YOUR GARDEN WHERE YOU ARE!" -- A Career Success Seminar

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Trebla Consulting Presents A Professional Learning Seminar

“GROW YOUR GARDEN WHERE YOU ARE!” — A Career Success Seminar

Are you looking for tools to enhance your career? Are you serious about advancing your career but unsure how to proceed? Career success demands ongoing effort that pays big if you put in the work. Your career is like a garden -- it requires a plan and continuous attention.

Join us Saturday, September 21st at 10:00 AM MT, to explore career success strategies that will help you master career goal attainment. Discover how to be intentional about "growing your garden" in this informative seminar led by experienced trainer, Dr. Michelle Walker.

Meet Your Seminar Facilitator

Michelle Walker, Ph. D.

Michelle Walker, Ph. D.

Passionate about helping others fulfill their life’s purpose, Dr. Michelle Walker will share strategies for achieving career goals that were learned throughout her career. “One must be intentional about managing a career. Otherwise, it is like drifting in a boat,” said Walker. Dr. Walker is an experienced trainer, international presenter, and author with a diverse background in business, secondary and higher education, and nonprofit senior level management.

You should attend this seminar if you

  • Are unsure how to navigate your career.

  • Feel undervalued in your career.

  • Are considering a career change and need direction for your next steps.

  • Are experiencing burnout in your present career.

  • Desire to be empowered.


Upon completion of this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Establish career goals and create a career action plan.

  • Create a strategic plan for career success.

  • Determine next steps when encountering challenges.

  • Apply appropriate best practices.

Don't miss your opportunity to manage your career and prepare for success! Space is limited to 20 people so get your ticket today.

For inquiries contact mwalker@treblaconsulting.com.